Kaarsilla Kinnisvara OÜ bought 3 properties, alltogether 28 224 m2 in the city of Tartu, near the Ilmatsalu ring. The building area of ​​the plots is 12,905 m2. The properties located along the Vana-Kandi road were acquired with the aim of developing modern warehouses and/or commercial premises on the properties. You can choose between spaces from 100 m2 to 4 500 m2 or have a warehouse with dock.

At the moment, the plots are covered with a graveled road that will be covered with asphalt by the developer.

The plots next to Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa highway are located in a logistically attractive location for companies engaged in trade, production and storage.

Approximate time from signing the contract to completion of building is 1 year. 

More info: www.kandi.ee

Kandi arendus, kruntide asukoht
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