The size of the plot at Kalda Tee 49 is 20 189 m2. The surface area for building is 6000 m2. It is allowed to build a 1-2 storey building, keeping in mind that the total volume of second floor can be maximum of ​​25% of the first floor. There has to be a minimum of 170 spots for parking.

The development is located in the immediate vicinity of shopping center Annelinna Keskus, in a quick evolving area. Annelinna Keskus is monthly visited by an estimated 100,000 people. In the evening rush hour, nearly 1500 cars pass through the area per hour. This year, the second stage of the Annelinna Keskus will be completed and Maxima XX will be built. In 2020, the retail chain Lidl will be expanding to the area.

Being recently opened the third stage development of Idaringtee* that connects the Lammi street with the Räpina highway, creates a logistical advantage with its proximity. As a result of infrastructure development, the traffic volume in the region has grown by an estimated 30%. The purpose of the Idaringtee is to connect two national roads - Tallinn-Tartu-Luhamaa and Tartu-Räpina road. The proximity of the Idaringtee will make the development object the most attractive for companies, who value fast contact with various Estonian cities and counties. 

A well-developed network of light traffic routes create good opportunities for walking, cycling or roller skateing in the area. There are also city bus stops nearby.

*Circuit in the east of the city that redirects heavy traffic away from city centre.

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