Annelinna Keskus is located at Kalda tee 43 in Tartu in the immediate vicinity of Annelinn and the developing residential areas in Ihaste. The area is home to approx. 1/3rd of the population of Tartu, i.e. around 30,000 people. Homes are also being actively built in Luunja municipality, which can be regarded as part of this area. Kalda tee is used by most residents in the aforementioned areas. The centre is close to the new Ringtee bridge and motorway exits, which have increased traffic in the area considerably.
At present, the centre has 6,000 m² of commercial space and its anchor tenant is the largest Selver (hypermarket) in southern Estonia. On average, the centre is visited by 3,500 people daily, depending on the day of the week. The extension increases the area of the centre by around 4,000 m². The room planning follows the corridor system characteristic of shopping centres. The commercial space is divided into glass-walled boxes.
The images attached are illustrative preliminary sketches. The layout will be finalised during planning, taking into account the wishes and needs of the larger tenants.


A view to the atrium connecting the old and new parts from the city entrance.


A view to the atrium connecting the old and new parts from the existing car park.

A future view of the centre.

A view to the centre from the neighbouring property facing the city.

A view to the planned outdoor cafe from the Emajõgi River.

The atrium connecting the old and new parts of the centre.
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